Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Domplayer 3Wplayer Fix

Recently a bunch of hose bags have been upping files on Torrents sites that require a “special player” to see the video. This player is full of spyware, Trojans, viruses and crap! Often the video is still the original, or decent quality. Here is how to decrypt these videos and watch them without this crap special player.

When you play the video you’ll be presented with a screen telling you that you don’t have the appropriate player and that you need to visit a particular website to get the player.

Once you download it, it will most likely say that you are not in a country that they can accept payment from! Bullshit!

They then redirect you to another site. The 3wPlayer. This is the spyware laden piece of crap.

Often the files themselves are pretty good, it’s just the header information that is being incorrectly read. There are two tracks for video in an AVI file and most player read one of them. This player picks up the other one, making the file play a few seconds and the rest appear to be garbage.

You can download a utility from Wildman Productions that will remove the crap and allow you to play the video normally.

It is mirrored on our site here.

Once you download it, just simply run the file.

The full article appears here;

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